Propane Sales and Refills in Park Rapids and Grand Rapids MN

Propane refills in Northern Minnesota

Why would you exchange your propane tanks when you can have them refilled at a lower cost?!

Most exchange grill tanks are not filled completely, but at R & R Rental, all grill tanks are refilled to their maximum 20lb. capacity! That’s 1/3 more gas than you get from most exchange tanks for less money and longer grilling! And refilling your tank at R & R Rental guarantees that your tank will not be exchanged for a defective or older tank! We also fill forklift and RV tanks, and offer prompt service on all tank refills.

Propane Refill Rates

Tank Size Cost (Before Taxes)
20lb $14.95
30lb $20.95
ASEM Fill (Motor home tanks) $3.19 per gallon